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Shaping Your Future Through Volunteering - YOUTH

When people volunteer, they give part of themselves through their time, energy, skills and feelings. Volunteer contributions make a difference to the people they assist and communities as a whole. Volunteering can offer much more than a feeling of making a difference. Donating your time to a cause or project of interest can be a tremendous way to enhance your own personal growth. Volunteering can help you explore career options, develop valuable skills, gain work experience, increase self-confidence, meet new friends and so much more!

Shaping Your Future Through Volunteering looks at the concept of volunteering, how it affects our communities, some common myths and specific benefits you can achieve through volunteer activities. Next, the types of organizations and variety of volunteer opportunities are explored. Throughout the session, participants will take part in activities to identify their ideal volunteer environment. Finally, you will discover what to consider to ensure the right fit, including the rights and responsibilities of volunteers, as well as the process you can expect to go through when applying for a volunteer position.