Citizen's Voice

Vibrant Communities

Citizen's Voice Network is one of Vibrant Communities’ neighbourhood initiatives. It provides a solution-based discussion forum for people living with low income/poverty, bringing them together to meet on a regular basis in a sharing and supportive environment. The forum also features regular educational presentations on subjects of interest, ranging from employment skills and resume building to women and children's health. Discussions at the forum generate opportunities for raising awareness on issues of poverty and low income, and provide valuable insights to effectively inform and influence policy and decision making at different levels of community and government organizations. The forum is also an avenue for low income persons to have face to face discussion with representatives from service providers and to have input in policy shaping through consultations with various government agencies, including the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

There are currently more than 100 community voices in this group and it is still growing.

Hear directly from Citizen's Voice members about the impact of this dynamic group. Citizen's Voice Video (2014)

Ruth MacDonald
Neighbourhood and Citizen Engagement
(709) 753-9860